Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Free time and shopping fun

So, today was the first day I've been officially out of school for the semester. AKA I basically did nothing today. Well, not NOTHING exactly, but you know... My late night turned into a late morning and by about 3:30 I was finally on my way to pick up my jury comment sheets (they were ready a day early). I ended up doing better than I expected on my jury after all! An overall grade of an 89 and I also got a lot of positive comments!

In celebration, I headed over to Prudential Center, the swankiest mall I have ever seen in my life. My goal was to find another cute dress to wear out dancing, like the one I bought there at Arden B. a few weeks ago. Sadly, I was unsuccessful. Although I found a bright pink dress that I kind of liked and almost bought... I ended up not buying it after sending a few pictures of things I tried on to my boyfriend. After an initial response of "I hate the pink one", obviously I wasn't going to buy it. For someone who hates shopping so much, he sure is opinionated and picky... Unfortunately, trying on some ok things and other things that didn't fit me, I got depressed and wandered in to, where else, Bath and Body Works. Where I proceeded to purchase about $50 dollars worth of lip glosses, candles and lotions. But whatever. It made me feel better. And I'm obsessed with the tiny Bath and Body Works candles. (As a side note, I get really annoyed when clothes that say they are a 2 are not actually a 2, but are basically a 00... it only makes me feel fat.)

Once I had my feel-good bag in hand, I had to make a decision on how to get home. Should I A) take the extremely crowded T, B) take the bus, or C) walk home. Due in part to my dismay in finding that I didn't fit into a dress that was supposedly my size (probably thanks to BHOP's buffalo chicken pizza with blue cheese dipping sauce...so good...), I went with option C. Walking would get me in shape, especially with my new Reebok EasyTone sneakers (awesome by the way), and then I wouldn't have to stand next to sweaty, annoying people on the T. Good choice. The weather was nice, and I the walk was about 2 miles. Now for the rest of the evening I will... entertain myself somehow. Thanks for reading! Peace.

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